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Thread: TwinCAT Problem

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    Hello Friends,

    I am new to this forum as well as even for TwinCAT. Sorry i can't speak german. Little bitte i can but not good.
    I Want to read the the data from the temperature controller through the Beckhoff PLC. I am using EtherCAT EK1100,EL6001 and EL 9010 modules. That temperature controller connected through EL6001 via RS242 Communication.

    Now, as programme i am using the Sample_PC_COM_Port ,Fast track programme as background communication. And the library is Comlib V2 Sample programme.Below find out the programme with global and local variables in attachment.
    The programme is running in PLC Control without no error and even in Twin CAT PLC Manager , plc is in Operation mode. Modules are exchanging the data also. To read the data from that temperature control I linked global variables COMin_COMport AT %IB0 : PcComInData ; and COMout_COMport AT %QB0: PcComOutData ; respectively to Status and control in PLC Manager. I can see the data exchanging in PLC Manager in this parameter as well as PLC control in global variables. That data is something else which is not same as temperature controller.

    So, can you people help me to figure out that which variables I should link up with the module EL 6001 to read the data from the temperature controller? It’s really urgent friends. It will be great help.

    Please find the programme in Attachment in word format.

    Thanks in Advance.
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