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Thread: codesys 3 for beginner anfanger

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    Hallo All.

    I am new to PLC programming, Codesys is free software I choosed to learn PLC programming with CODESYS, I couldnt able to find perfect material for a beginner can anyone suggest tutorials or materials. I dont have any hardware, want to learn everything by a emulator, is it possible.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I would recommend to start here by downloading CODESYS 3.5SP9
    After installing the CODESYS Development System you could get many example applications for it by clicking on the cart icon in CODESYS.(see screenshot)
    You will find them after install these examples here:

    "c:\Users\<YourWindowsName>\CODESYS Examples"

    Beside using the projects in simulation you could login to the softplc on your pc.
    You need to start 'Control Win' in the tasktray or you could use the Raspberry Pi as plc (single board Computer - google it).
    -> you have then real inputs and real outputs on your plc - and you could use fieldbus like : Ethercat, Profinet ....and many more, connect real slaves to it (sure this is possible with Control WIN too)

    If you need some advanced examples on Robotics/Motion control or visualisation please check the installed tutorials/examples here:
    "c:\Program Files (x86)\3S CODESYS\CODESYS\Projects\SoftMotion\Examples\Tutorial\Robotics_PickAndPlace.proj ect"
    "c:\Program Files (x86)\3S CODESYS\CODESYS\Projects\Visu"

    All plc runtimes work for 2h and you could start them as often as you want, if you need unlimited use you could buy a license. (Guess this is not needed for leaning/evaluating CODESYS)

    Best Regards
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