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Thread: Beckhoff CX8091 works with the SCADA OPC-UA

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    Does anyone had a experienced of working with beckhoff CX8091. I want to know, how beckhoff CX8091 works with SCADA OPC-UA, as i am using TWINCAT PLC programming. i did not know about the siemens PAC 3200 working with SCADA OPC-UA, but did not find any good material Regarding beckhoff CX8091, if any one have some good information of this please share it. I shall be very thankful of him/her.

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    Has the CX8091 allready been released?
    You can install the Beckhoff OPC-UA Server on every CX that has enough Diskspace (which the CX8000s has, I guess). I have tested OPC UA Server on a CX9001 and its pretty easy to use.
    Just follow the guide here: http://infosys.beckhoff.com/english....w.htm&id=28677

    I don't know if the CX8091 comes with the OPC-UA Server allready installed, but you can allways buy it sperately.

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