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Thread: OPC UA sdk for embedded linux

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    I am doing a project for Implementing OPC UA server on embedded linux in C + +. I am not able to decide a proper sdk that may be the best to use in my project. There are vendors like Matrikon, Softing, unified automation in this area who are offering C + + sdks for embedded linux. I have to Implement this on a hardware with arm processor. Please suggest me a suitable vendor. So if you have any experience of using any of this vendors . I would appreciate if you can guide me on this.

    Thanks Harsh
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    Hello Harsh,

    on embedded Linux you typically need to have to full source code in order to compile the libraries of the SDK for your target system. All three vendors you mentioned have offerings for embedded Linux and ARM CPU. Therefore you deicsion of a proper SDK should depend on other criteria like ease of use and in depth functionality or the size and speed that your application desires.

    You should give all the three a test, When looking at the functionality you can evaluate that on their standard (windows based) demo and evaluation offerings. At Unified Automation you can even get a binary precompiled Raspberry PI evaluation edition (which is an embedded Linux on an ARM), so it might be pretty close to what you are looking for.

    Best Regards
    Dr. OPC

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