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Thread: Trouble wih the profinet Connection PLC S7-1214C<---->Desoutter CVIL II Screw unit

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    Hello together,

    We have trouble with the profinet to PLC S7-1214C

    The profinet connection is running with the standard default mapping. We don´t use the fieldbus mapping tool inside the CVIPC2000 engineering tool

    • The problem is following:
      1. The profinet is working.
      2. After the power on time, the plc can't find the device name (profinet) desoutter unit!

    The screen shot shows: everything ok and the station is working.
    We have following situation after the power on time:
    Here can you see the loosing NAME DEVICE: Why loosed the desoutter device his Device Name?


    Desoutter said me: the problem come from Siemens!
    Have somebody the same situation?

    Thanks a lot

    Tobias Hammer

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