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Thread: pfc200 codesys 3.5 homeautomation hilfe gebraucht

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    Hallo forum leute,

    Ich hoffe das ich hier auch etwas in english posten darf. Ich lese und spreche deutch aber das schreiben geht nicht so gut.

    So :

    I want to use a PFC200 running on codesys 3.5 to have a visu for my family.
    My old PLC talked with https://home-assistant.io/ and was using https://home-assistant.io/components/sensor.http/
    What I need is a way to talk to the PFC200. I need a way to verify the status of some variables and a way to modify them. (change the status of lights and to check if they are on or off)
    I tried several things like MQTT https://home-assistant.io/components/sensor.mqtt/ but most of them failed as I am not sure which direction I should go.
    Http get and post look promising but I never found an example or a way to get it working
    Modbus is also possible in home-assistant but as far as I can see this is not possible in codesys 3.5...or am I wrong?

    So : could someone advice in which direction I should look? Somebody already tried this? My experience with codesys is very low so an example is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    I am pretty sure this would help a lot of people as I see on the home assistant page also people looking for a solution

    Guten tag

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    I hope i understand you right:

    do you work with e!cockpit or Codesys Target?
    If you use e!cockpit you have to assign the modbus adresses in the modbus configurator.
    See the Screenshots.
    i didnt know how you make this without e!cockpit...
    But you can use e!cockpit Trial Version with full features. Download on Wago Homepage after registration.

    Hope i could helped.
    2016-08-29 13_14_34-Wago E!Cockpit - VMware Workstation.jpg2016-08-29 13_16_49-Wago E!Cockpit - VMware Workstation.jpg

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    If it is CODESYS V3 (maybe this works with e!Cockpit too) there is an implementation for mqtt


    sure another option is using Modbus.
    Attachend an Example how 2 CODESYS V3 Controller communicate by Modbus.

    Best Regards
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    Edwin Schwellinger
    3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH

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