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kann man nun auch eine auf Qt5 basierende Version von pvbrowser für Android testen.

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Now there is a Qt5 version of pvbrowser on Android available at
pvbrowser – The Process Visualization Browser. HMI and Scada for every platform.

Because Qt5 for Android does not support WebKit pvbrowser-qt5 on Android falls back to QTextBrowser and QSvgRenderer instead of WebKit when handling HTML and SVG.
In contrast the Qt4 version supports WebKit also.

Now that pvbrowser can optionally run without WebKit it would be possible to create an iOS version of pvbrowser.
Unfortunately our Mac only supports up to OS X version 4.7.5 and we need at least OS X version 4.8 in order to be able to use Xcode 5.
Thus we have to wait until we have new hardware available for the development PC for iOS Apps.