Hi i have Beckhoff (CX5020-0120-M310) (profibus master) with TC3.1 and want communicate with Siemens Profibus ET 200S (IM151 IM-1AA04_0AB0) DPV1.
All modules works on ET200s except 1SI RS232 (6ES7138-4DF01-0AB0). When i triggered Barcode scaner i have one bit ON and no more data from 1SI module.
on Array (0..15) of words
1.#0000000000000001 <= this bit is ON after trigered pushbutton on scaner
This Same ET200S with this same configuration i have tested with Siemens S7-300 and it works, i can read data from Barcode scanner on the 0..31 array of byte (no WORD's like on CX5020) Siemens have On TIA portal => Communication => ET200s serial interface => Function block S_RCV i use them and i can communicate with 1SI RS232 via this block. But Twincat 3,1 don't have this block.
On ET200s i have:
1. 1SI(rs232) module (rs232 parameter is : Data - 8bit, Stop - 1 bit, Parity - NONE, Data Flow - NONE, Interface type RS232-C )
2 DO modul
3 RTD modul
4. DI
5. RO modulAny ideas where are problem? why can't read data from 1SI RS232?
I'm sorry for English language here on forum.