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Thema: WinCC oder Vijeo Citect Vor-/Nachteile

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    bei uns in der Firma soll an einer Großanlage ein neues Leitsystem eingesetzt werden. Da es vorrangig Schneider-SPSen enthält soll als Visualisierungsystem "VijeoCitect" zur Ausführung kommen. Sonst haben wir allerdings überall WinCC im Einsatz. Kennt sich einer mit beiden Systemen aus und kann die Vor- und Nachteile kurz beschreiben ?
    Zitieren Zitieren WinCC oder Vijeo Citect Vor-/Nachteile  

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    probiere Vijeo Citect doch einfach mal aus:


    Gruß Rengel

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    Hallo Rengel,

    ausprobeort haben wir es schon und ich als vorbelasteter WinCC - Programmierer fand es eher schlecht. Bräuchte eine objektive Meinung von einem der beide Systeme schon mehrere male projektiert hat.

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    Hallo, ich habe da einen vergleich zwischen WinCC und Vijeo Citect. Vielleicht interessant.

    The WinCC system is focused on the Siemens PLC market. This focus can be showen as new versions are progressively removing support for direct drivers to other PLC vendors and replacing this with a reliance on OPC. This reliance on OPC makes the job of the Siemens development team easier but the task of integrating systems with multiple vendors more complex as all communication paths pass from WinCC to the OPC server and then to the device.

    The reliance on the OPC server is required to enable WinCC to operate in redundant mode without putting excessive load on the controllers. In redundant mode both servers in a server pair are polling the information independently from the controllers. By using an OPC server the information coming to both systems will match and hence the systems will remain in sync. If these changes or the time-sync between the servers occurs then redundancy will fail.

    The need to have synchronized time-stamping is also true for the alarming system and so to achieve redundancy with alarms it is necessary to process the alarms within the PLC.

    WinCC is focused on the HMI market and hence its limited in the size of project that can be undertaken. The support for 12 servers within a system with a maximum of 32 clients is typical of a cluster of small islands of automation within a factory.

    The limitation is also apparent with the engineering tools which are much more designed for rapid development rather than fast maintenance of the system. All the data for a system is stored together in a single database with import/export functionality rather than the flexibility of the multiple include project structure offered by Vijeo Citect.

    Their graphical objects within the project are also not linked to a library so while engineering time is saved when the first configuration is made the benefits stop there and any changes that must be made to the graphics must then must be re-configured.

    WinCC is certainly not an all-in-one package with most components of the system available under different names. This enables them to offer highly competitive prices in systems where there is no need for a large amount of the functionality that Vijeo Citect customers take as standard.

    Vijeo Citect V7.0
    Vijeo Citect V7.0 makes huge inroads into the areas where WinCC previously has a competitive advantage.

    The ability for a Vijeo Citect system to support multiple pairs of alarm, trend and report servers within a control system now equals and excels that of WinCC in that Vijeo Citect is able to support in excess of 12 clusters and that each of those clusters can have in excess of 64K tags. The Vijeo Citect system is also able to be divided between separate servers within a single cluster offering more power to the total control system.

    The option of reliable clustering where a number of smaller servers are made redundant with a single central server is not possible with the WinCC architecture. There database architecture will not allow the same flexibility in architecture that is available with Vijeo Citect V7.0.

    Additional flexibility in architectures is also offered by the new online change friendly licensing. Although the online changes in WinCC are more complete, the ability under version 7 to have clients of different sizes all running the same project but only paying for the tags that they use, enables us to compete with the licensing options offered by WinCC.

    This license change also allows us to push to concept of Vijeo Citect as a complete solution from panels to global supervisory systems. Vijeo Citect v7 is tested for Windows embedded XP and vmWare thus providing a range of new platforms that can be used to execute Vijeo Citect.

    Present – Small Systems
    The Siemens people are always going to focus on demonstrating connected to their PLCs and hence a high level of integration between the SCADA and PLC systems. You should focus on the following:

    1. System Maintenance
    a. The value of included projects in standardisation and maintenance
    b. Genies & Supergenies
    c. Linked libraries

    2. Analysis Tools
    d. The Process Analyst is always a good control for small systems

    3. Drivers
    e. Is it always going to be a Siemens PLC?
    f. Demonstrate PSDirect as our direct driver to Siemens
    i. More competitive info at in the driver manual at http://www.proscada.com/Citect.htm
    g. How much simpler a direct driver is for communications (and lower cost)

    4. Vijeo Citect Reports
    h. The data archive in WinCC is an old SQL Server 2000 so we have newer technology to show

    Present – Large Systems
    While WinCC has its strength in small systems Vijeo Citect has its in large systems. To show this you must focus on:

    1. Our Reliability
    a. How its simple and included with the product.

    2. Our scalable architecture
    b. The ability to take a single project and deploy that across multiple clients and servers
    c. The benefits of a single project on standardization of configuration

    3. Our Size / Performance credentials
    d. Vijeo Citect has many industry references on large applications
    e. Our system is much faster than WinCC

    4. Product Quality

    Prepare – Questions
    1. It has the best integration to my Siemens PLCs

    Almost every site there days has a combination of different PLC manufacturers. The best specifications in the world still require OEM products or specialized systems to which we want to connect to improve the control system. Getting a product with great connectivity to your preferred Siemens system as well as the open connectivity and the other benefits of Vijeo Citect will provide you a solution for your whole system.

    2. I like the WinCC configuration environment. Vijeo Citect looks old in comparison.

    The configuration environment of Vijeo Citect has been around for a long time and is showing its age. Citect is working on a new architecture but they are very aware of the needs of their existing customers. The new development will provide an object oriented development environment that works with existing systems and is supportive of objects that are pre-existing within the control system (regardless of the type of PLC in which they reside).
    Until then the openness of the format of Vijeo Citect configuration files and the many API interfaces into Vijeo Citect make it an excellent choice for skilled systems integrators as the configuration can be automatically generated from their existing project systems. This functionality (as is normal with Vijeo Citect) will be maintained even as the product is upgraded.
    Gruß Habakuck

    Spaß muss es machen, sonst mach ich nicht mit!

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