Hello to all,

Recently I was forced to chnage my lap top. Before that I converted it to the VMware virtual machine. It kept all it`s functionality except to act as a PC station so I ordered new CP5711. I upgraded my Step 7 to V5.4+SP5+HF1 and virtual machine recognizes new hardware CP5711, starts driver installation but it ends with message There was a problem installing this hardware. This device cannot start.(Code 10). In PG/PC interface it can be found with yellow mark.

I tried it on another VMware machine that has PS2009 and it works like a charm.
One more data ... in the moment that I was converting physical to virtual machine it had an active CP5512 conection so virtual machine rememberd it althought it does not support PCMCIA slots. It also figures in PC/PG interface and can not be deleted or deinstalled. I red somehwere that there is some kind of connection between these two procesors.

I tried everything I know but without results...Can someone help me?