hi there..

i've a big big problem..i didnt know how to start the program. Everybody keep saying to look out at the manual, but its not that easy to understanding when you dont even have a basics. i've already read all about FM350-1 function module and first step in commissioning FM350-1.

First of all, im using CPU 314, Inkremental encoder 5V from kistler (torque measuring flange Type 4504B) and fm 350-1 to measure a frequency of a motor's shaft. The wiring part were finished. But i didnt know how to start programming.

From the manual, i've already copy FC2 and FC1 and UDT1 from library(FM*50LIB) to my project. Then, when i open the HW configuration(Right click on the FM350 COUNTER), i click the 'module addr' and then i've to choose a DB. When i choose a DB1, the message pop out, its tell me that my DB length is too small. Then i choose another DB..here is choose DB41. Then i've saved my HW configuration. it it correct what i've done? because on the manual, i've to assigned a valid data to my DB of the CNT_CTL1 function: Module address, Channel address, and User data length. How actually do i assiggn a valid data to this DB when i cant even fine the Channel address and the user data length? And if i find this things, what should i do?

I want my counting project to run cyclicly, so i choose 0B1 to begin my programm. then at network 1, i choose FC Blocks( FC2 CNT_CTL FM_COUNTER). Then from here, stuck. didnt know how to programm my FM counter.

Pleassse someone....