I've a Siemens S7 226 with the CP 243 (industrial ethernet module) and I want to be able to make multiple connections over the network to the PLC. According to the documentation it should be possible to make maximum 8 concurrent connections, but whenever I make an connection from out Micro/Win , Libnodave doesn't succeed anymore in making a connection. Making 1 connection using Libnodave is possible (using ISO over TCP for CP243).

After some research, I've found out that each channel on the CP243 is uniquely identified by a TSAP address, but I don't find it how to configure the TSAP address in the Libnodave connection. Altough somewere in the code of Libnodave I've found traces & remarks towards TSAP.

Can somebody please help me out on this one?

I am searching the ladder program and the appropriate LibnoDave statements using TSAP :P