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Thread: wasn das für ne Masche?

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    Dear Friend,

    This mail will definately come to you as a surprise, but
    not to worry as i shall explain my person and the reason
    for writing. I am Abba Sani Abacha, son of the former late
    head of state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, General
    Sani Abacha.

    Presently, my family has been going through trying moments
    after the death of our father on June 8th 1998 especially
    from this present government who are bent on recoverying
    all sums of foriegn currency that my father had abroad in
    foreign accounts. Due to this same issue, my mother has
    been banned from travelling outside of Nigeria and my elder
    brother, Mohammed Abacha is right now a political detainee
    and under house arrest.

    After due consultations with my mother and members of my
    family, we decided that I should lead the quest to get a
    foreign assistance to help in securing these funds in
    foriegn accounts and others that my late father had
    deposited in a security vault, amounting to $50.8m (Fifty
    million eight hundred thousand United States Dollars),
    before this present government gets wind of them and clamp
    down on the money. It is on the basis of this that I am
    reaching out to you, and soliciting your candid support and
    assistance to secure the funds.

    In the event that I can trust you to render the family this
    support, we shall arrange a meeting to discuss the issues
    involved in claiming the fund, your reward, and the
    documents relating to the money in question and your advice
    on investment opportunities.

    Please let me state that we need a high level of security
    in the process of this transaction, therefore, let us
    maintain it so that the information concerning the security
    vault does not get into unwanted ears. Please for the
    purpose of this project, communications will be through my
    family's alternative e-mail account at
    sani.abba@caramail.com and when it warrants we shall talk
    on my telephone number 234-80-4213-9380, which will be as
    we progress.

    Thanking you in advance for your kind gesture to my family.

    Best regards.
    Abba Sani Abacha.

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    Dear friend,

    I am Mrs. Sese-seko widow of late President Mobutu
    Sese-seko of Zaire, now known as Democratic Republic
    of Congo (DRC). I am moved to write you this
    letter. This was in confidence considering my present
    circumstance and situation. I escaped along with my
    husband and two of our sons out of Democratic
    Republic of Congo (DRC) to Abidjan, Cote d'ivoire
    where my family and I settled, while we later
    moved to settled in Morroco where my husband later
    died of cancer disease.

    However, due to this situation we decided to change
    most of my husband's billions of dollars deposited in
    Swiss bank and other countries into other forms of
    money coded for safe purpose because the new head of
    state of (Dr) Mr Laurent Kabila has made arrangement
    with the Swiss government and other European countries
    to freeze all my late husband's treasures deposited in
    some european countries. Hence, my children and I
    decided laying low in Africa to study the situation
    till when things gets better. Like now that
    president Kabila is dead and the son taking over
    (Joseph Kabila). One of my late husband's chateaux in
    Southern France was confiscated by the french
    government, and as such I had to change my identity so
    that my investment will not be traced and confiscated.

    I have deposited the sum Fourteen Million United State
    Dollars (US$14,000,000,00.) With a security company
    for safe keeping. What I want you to do is to indicate
    your interest that you can assist us in receiving the
    money on our behalf, so that I can introduce you to my
    son (Kongolo) who has the out modalities for the claim
    of the said funds. I want you to assist in investing
    this money, but I will not want my identity revealed.
    I will also want to acquire real/landed properties and
    stock in multi-national companies and to engage in
    other safe and non-speculative investments as advise
    by your good self.

    May I at this point emphasize the high level of
    confidentiality, which this upcoming project demands,
    and hope you will not betray the trust and
    confidence, which I repose in you.In conclusion, if
    you want to assist us, my son (Charles) shall divulge
    to you all briefs regarding this project, tell you
    where the funds are currently being maintained and
    also discuss remuneration for your services.For this
    reason please kindly furnish us your contact
    information,that is your personal telephone and fax
    numbers respectively for validation purpose and
    acknowledge receipt of this mail.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mrs. Mariam M. Seseseko.

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