Verkaufe SNAP-I/O-Digital Module Bank der Firma OPTO22 bestehend aus folgenden Komponenten:

1 x SNAP-ENET-D64 Ethernet I/O Brain-Digital-only

The SNAP-ENET-D64 Ethernet I/O brain is an I/O and communications processor that connects digital devices with Ethernet networks for monitoring, control, and data acquisition. The SNAP-ENET-D64 mounts on a SNAP-D64RS rack with up to 16 SNAP standard digital I/O modules, for a maximum of 64 points of I/O. Note that 32-channel SNAP digital modules cannot be used with this brain

1 x SNAP 64-point Digital-only Rack

The SNAP-D64RS holds a SNAP digital-only I/O processor (brain or on-the-rack controller) and 16 four-channel SNAP digital I/O modules, for 64 total points of digital I/O.

7 x SNAP 4-Ch 10-32 VAC/VDC Digital Input Module

The SNAP-IDC5 provides four channels of 10-32 Volts DC or AC digital input. Each channel senses the on/off status for DC voltages from sources such as proximity switches, push buttons, or auxiliary contacts. The module has removable top-mounted connectors for easy access to field wiring, as well as channel-specific LEDs for convenient troubleshooting.

5 x SNAP 4-Ch 5-60 VDC Digital Output Modul

The SNAP-ODC5SRC provides four channels of 5-60 VDC digital output in a source configuration, each channel switching a separate DC load. The module features a removable top-mounted connector for easy access to field wiring and channel-specific LEDs for troubleshooting.

Die Komponenten sind gebraucht befinden sich jedoch in sehr gutem Zustand und funktionieren einwandfrei. Bitte melden falls interesse besteht. Es existieren auch Bilder von den Komponenten.