With the release of the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) the OPC Foundation laid the foundation for the next generation of open data connectivity. By introducing platform and OS independence the OPC UA standard made embedded OPC UA possible - bringing native OPC connectivity down to the sensor, controller, and device level. This takes the promise of an “integrated enterprise” a big step closer to reality for end users and opens unprecedented opportunity for device suppliers prepared to adopt embedded UA technology in their products.

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Presented by Tom Burke, OPC Foundation president, Darek Kominek, MatrikonOPC Marketing Manager, and embedded OPC UA subject matter expert Liam Powers – This presentation will offer key take-aways including:

  • a clear, high-level understanding of the key OPC UA concepts, direction, and value
  • insight into the difference between UA running on PCs vs. embedded microprocessors
  • the top 5 benefits embedded OPC UA offers to device suppliers
  • the top 5 advantages embedded OPC UA provides end users with

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