I have question regarding the 3 way control valve with magnetic actuator which is MXG461B15-1.5. As i want to use this valve for accurate water temeprature control application for cold and hot water. I would like to control the outlet temperature of the water. I have gone through the documentation of this control valve also.

This valve input and output, i will connect with Beckhoff PLC Terminals
respectivaly EL3162 and EL4104.

Now, there are three different ways for controlling through the switch position.

1. Voltage control
2. Current control
3. As per valve characterisitc i.e. Linear and Equal Volumetric %

My question is, how to control from the PLC ? Do i need to change the

voltage or current respectively from terminal ? From where i should get feedback of position

or position error ?

I have limitation also that i can use only Beckhoff PLC as another system running

on Beckhoff PLC.

Can i get example with same terminal from Beckhoff i.e. EL3162 and
EL4104 ?