I'm new to CoDeSys and have a couple of questions regarding ST:
Is it so that structures have to be declared as DUTs. Is it not possible to declare structures as "private" to for instance a FB or FC? Is there a workaround?
Is it so that the AT instruction can only be used to reference physical addresses (%?I, %?Q etc.) It cannot be used to reference variables for instance in a FB? Suppose POINTER is foreseen for this kind of functionality?
For class (FB) instances I've planned to use VAR_INPUT CONSTANTS to adapt each instance (see below). What is the best way to do this besides initializing instance data in the VAR section of the POU?

Seems to be a couple of bugs in the 3.5 Patch 1 version also:
- VAR_INPUT CONSTANT shows up in CFC. Menu option Parameter is not available.
- In paged CFC, a block rearrange with no pages selected erases all pages. Seems to be no way to get them back/visible again......
- Inserting a "composer", "selector","box" etc. in CFC and then deleting it again crashes CoDeSys (if abort is selected).

I'm looking at the perspective of converting 150+ Simatic SCL (the proper SCL, not the TIA cra??? SCL) blocks into CoDeSys/TwinCAT ST..... and the perspective looks grim......