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Thema: DB Backup in S7

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    no, because the symbol is saved offline and not in the db. siemens already don't use a realy symbol adressing.
    Yes but the symbols are stored in the Symbol table, not in the DB.

    but why will i lost all my symbols when i copy the online-db to the offline-db directly?
    Presumably because you overwrite the offline copy with the online one, instead of merging the two.

    Maybe they will be preserved, depending on whether Symbolic or Absolute priority is set, must try it out some time.

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    If you open the project offline first, and then go online (from the STEP7 Manager), and then highlight the DB's that you want to save, and then select "PLC" .. "Uplad to PG", then the Actual Values will be uploaded and the Symbols and comments in the offline file will stay.

    I can think that there may be a problem if there is a timestamp conflict or something like that.
    Jesper M. Pedersen

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    yes, this will function. but if you have many db's you have many work.
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    Please find the solution what I reseive from SimonG in another forum:

    "Ok, for the case where the DB's are the same length, proceed as follows: Assume the DB you want to correct is DB1. Assume DB3 is currently not used.
    In the offline folder, create DB3 as a copy of DB1 (use cut/paste and then rename).
    Download DB3 to the plc.
    Write some program in the plc (say ob1) which copies the contents of DB1 to DB3.
    (e.g. if the DB's are 212 bytes long, use the following:
    CALL SFC 20
    SRCBLK :=P#DB1.DBX0.0 BYTE 212
    DSTBLK :=P#DB3.DBX0.0 BYTE 212
    Download to the plc. Make sure Mw900=0 to show the copy was ok.
    Remove the copy program from OB1 and download to the plc, (DB3 now contains a copy of what is in DB1 in the plc).
    Download DB1 to the plc.
    Write some program in ob1 to copy DB3 back to DB1
    CALL SFC 20
    SRCBLK :=P#DB3.DBX0.0 BYTE 212
    DSTBLK :=P#DB1.DBX0.0 BYTE 212
    Download to plc. Make sure MW900=0 to show copy was ok.
    Remove the copy program from OB1 and download to the plc.
    Delete DB3.
    Db1 can now be copied from the online folder to the offline folder for your backup.
    For the DB's that are not the same length, you could use a similar procedure to the above, but the copy length will be the shorter of the two DB's.

    Hope this helps.

    I can only say that sometimes, when the timestemp is the same is posible simply copy db from PLC to project and we keep symbols, coments etc. But if we have differences is impossible backup aktual data na keep symbols in DB


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