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Thema: simatic to nettoplcsim

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    hi Tomas before anything else i should thank you for your program nettoplcsim but i have problem to use this program i want to download a s7-417 program from simatic to plcsim in different pc as follows pc1 windows xp sp3 simatic v5.4 sp5 PLCSIM v5.4 sp3 ip pc2 windows xp sp2 simatic v5.4 sp5 PLCSIM v5.4 sp3 nettoplcsim v 0.7.1 ip when i try to download s7 program from simatic on pc1 to plcsim on pc2 simatic netpro see the nettoplcsim and plcsim but the following message appears simatic net pro message windows the configured module (offline) is different from the target module (online): name ------------------- offline ---------------------------online order number ------- 6ES7 417-4HL04-0AB0---- 6ES7 315-2AF03-0AB0 firmware version-------- V4.0----------------------------- 2 please help to solve this problem of course before , performing this steps i downloaded hardware config to plcsim in pc1 thank you very much
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    I don't see where your problem is.
    Is it, that you see another order number when you download your project to PLCSIM? This only occurs when you have a "saved configuration" at PLCSIM.

    This has nothing to deal with nettoplcsim as far as I can see.

    Remember that you are not able to download any program to PLCSIM over network (TCP/IP) using nettoplcsim.


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