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Often during debugging the software for control any technological parameter, for example regulation of pressure during technological process of welding of pipes,
it is very desirable to have the graphical presentation of S7-variables (PLC-tags).

I would like to find any tools for this task.
If somebody can help, write send to me the message to email:, please.
I from Russia, on German do not understand, if it is possible write in English or in Russian.

Kind regards, Vladimir Zhuravlev
hello vladimir

as far as i know there doesn't exist such a tool to have a graphical
representation of your tags in s7. i think this is only in AB plc.
on the other hand you could try the following:
create an additional data block in your plc. in an ob if possible programm
a trigger wich resets a counter to zero. every scan time you increment the counter and you use it to write indirectly to your data block. once it
reaches the maximum counts, reset the start trigger, go online and have a look at your data block. don't forget to view the data block in online status. copy the hole content of the required data block into an excel sheet
and discard all unnecessery comments. you should end up with the actual values in your sheet. once all data is in your excel sheet you can use a chart function. of course this is not a real time data aquisitation but maybe it will help you