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Zuviel Werbung?
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Versuch ich verstehe nicht die Seite, aber ich glaube, daß sie das "PalmencSeiten" Programm für das Zugänglich machen eines Siemensplc mit einer Palme hat. Wenn es informierte mich, ich hat versucht aber funktioniert, nicht hat verstehender Deutscher das Finden von Hilfe ein Kampf gebildet.

Glenn Leithner, USA
Sorry, I probably understood less off your question than you might have understood from this web page.

I had a look at the url you gave. It tells what errors have been fixed in different versions of PalmPG.

Here´s a translation of the 1st paragraph:
Version documentation for product: PalmPG V1.09 [ 10.11.2003 ]

With PLC type S5, the installed memory can now be displayed

In Palm OS version 5.0 and higher a sereal library has not been present anymore. Due to this, serial communication were no longer possible.

Setting variables by tranferring data to PLC failed with the Message "Cancelled by User"

In the installation program a calcalculation error was present.

The installation program can now be run in both, German or English language.

The input of an incorrect STL line is now reported to the user.

A report containing information about the PLC communication can now be generated for internal verification purposes.
I didn´t know about Palm PG before, so I cannot give any information about it´s capabilities.

For further information, I would recommend you to post in English. I guess most readers here will unterstand it quite well.
Zuviel Werbung?
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Sorry for not in German, Thank you for responding to my previous post. My intent was to help "rgeber" in a different topic but I accidentally started a new topic. It was harder than I thought dealing with a foreign language, I'll stick to reading and not posting unless it's important. Love your country though, spent over 3 weeks in Meiningen.
Thank you,

Glenn Leithner


thanks for the link. looks like interesting stuff. I´ll download the demo versions for testing.