Programming of a packaging line


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I'm looking for some example programs of packaging lines?

I going to upgrade a packaging line from simatic s5 to s7

The packaging line exists of stand alone machines(+-12) connected together by conveyors(+-50) full of pneumatic cilinders, photoelectric sensors etc..

The Program i have to write consists of getting the product from machine to machine over the conveyors and controlling the communication with the stand alone machines.

I'm looking for some examples of programming the conveyor system? standard blocks?

So you expect somebody to give you the code that took many days/weeks of work?
I think this is very optimistic...
As you´re planning to upgrade the plc, you have a code that works. In my opinion you should analyze the existing code and take these blocks. If you have questions concerning the existing code, you can ask here.
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Hi Denhondt,

i think furthermore that all packaging machines are very different. You will nowhere find some standard blocks for your intention.
Sometimes it is possible to convert S5 code to S7 code. But it´s nesessary to conform and controll the code after the converting.
Thats all a lot of work. If the packaging machine isn´t to big, it´s better to program the projekt complete new. (imho)

best regards, Toki
The packaging line is expanded with the years, also the S5 programma but not always in the good way, the programma is not very good, it works but that's all
We never do a S5 - S7 Conversion,

It will be a total new programme

I was just looking for some examples, tips for standard blocks for a converyor for example

i thought there maybe was some programming methode like for Proces/Batch installations , controle modules (ISA88)

I allready did an upgrade of a packaging line from S5 to S7 , but i was looking for some examples to see how it is been done elseware

I made a Standard block for a conveyor, i used a Function (Not a function block don't like the generating part, after a change in a block,) and i attach a Blocknumber as input,
With this blocknumber i make a pointer and with this pointer i load /save data to a Datablock

First network=
L Blocknumber
T #Point




Conveyor programm


Last Network=
L Blocknumber
T #Point


I just asked this question to learn some more , and improve my programming skills
if you look the S5 Code, it is not so mutch different to the S7 code.
Why you don't convert the code, if the machin run well?

Then as a second step, optimize the programm ...
Also, who is the manufacturer of the mc?
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Its not a machine, its a packaging line that connects the Packaging machines together with conveyors, the packaging line controles te conveyors photo cells, pneumatic cilinders and the communication from and to the packaging machines
There is no real manufacturer, its a line that is automated from nothing by the company technicians years ago

The Packaging line runs but not perfectly, it will be a total new program not a conversion the programm is totaly not structured, and a lot of flags, timers DB's FB's PB's are without symbol text

There are several faults, parts that not work properly
For Example
Old = If you start up the line now all 50 conveyors start immediately

New = A conveyor should only start if product is comming, and if there is no product the conveyor should stop after some time

I'm just looking for soms tips, ideas for programming a packaging line
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Try it with a converting programm.
Then how boxy said:
Then as a second step, optimize the programm ...
Start / stop of the conveyors is a part of optimizing...
And if you have the running S7 code, everyone here will help you
to clean up the bugs and to optimize the programm. (i think)

Best regards, toki
a conversion is not necessary, making a new working s7 program for the packaging line will not be a problem,

i was only looking for new ideas, tips
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making a new working s7 program for the packaging line will not be a problem
Ok, but we don´t know how your packings line looks.
And also we don´t know how it have to work.
Standard Blocks for a funktion that nobody exactly knows...
I think that´s impossible. Sorry.
Post up your new code and we will do our best to give you some new ideas.

Best regards, Toki

Ps.: were do you come from?