Dear Members:

I'm new in the Beckhoff TwinCAT System. I am working on a project. I'm using as my CX9020 Embedded PC. I EL5101 is connected as an incremental interface with CX9020. I could not find in my EL5101 System Manager. The operating mode is Free Run / SM synchronous and EL5101 is in the operating mode. The power and the RUN LED is green. I have configured the NC configurations. I attach axis and then selected encoder axis in the species. In my Axis_Enc I NC rotary encoder connected to EL5101. The EL5101 ENC stand now compact inputs and outputs ENC control compact variables in Axis_Enc will be connected to the NC Cofigurations.

Now I do not know what to do next. I do not have 460 connected Heidenhain incremental encoders ERN with my EL5101. I have 3 different input terminals AA ', BB', CC 'and latch 24V and 24V gate in my EL5101 also. The incremental encoder also have 3 types of output lines AA ', BB', CC '. The incremental my ERN 480 5 V TTL.

I want to know, I need to connect to all the output lines of the encoder AA 'BB' CC 'in their corresponding terminal in the EL5101? What Latch 24V and 24V gate? What I do with these connections?

Is there a sample program or step by step guide that how can I measure by this setup rpm? What kind of variables and data type I have defined in my PLC Control and the physical inputs and outputs I have to link? Is there a high-speed counter in TwinCAT PLC Control?

Please answer. Many thanks.